Car rental

Go Green. We believe that electric cars are the way to go when the goal is a greener and better environment on Bornholm. Simultaneously, we constantly strive to offer you the newest and most modern solutions for car rental - VW E-Up.

What's included?

The rent includes free miles and the cars can charge at the place of collection for free. You can also charge the electric car in a regular power socket (230V 10A), but then you pay for the electricity yourself. A fully charged battery allows the car to drive between 120-150 km, depending on your driving style, weather, your use of electrical accessories such as air conditioning, radio, etc. A full charge takes between 6-8 hours on our charging stations. If you chose to charge at home by an ordinary 230V 10A socket, it will take a little longer.

The offer applies to holders of a driving license from the age of 21.


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